Meet Karilyn

Karilyn is a Spiritual Teacher, Artist, Author and Speaker with a passion for guiding others to find their God-self. She intends to bring people back to their essence, so they both know and experience their Divinity. Her intention is based on the belief that we each inherently hold the essence of God within, known as our higher (or God) self.

She is on a journey of awakening which she feels compelled to share. She gathers wisdom from contemplative studies of Christianity, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Judaism, Yoga, Energy Medicine, Mindfulness and Meditation. Through these intimate studies, deep exploration of self and difficult life experiences, her heart has reached a level of openness and consciousness that motivated her to teach meaningful tools for spiritual living. These messages come straight from her God-self, an unlimited soul and heart.

Karilyn uses her heartfelt wisdom to teach souls who are still knee-deep in the muck of fear. It is her true passion to guide fellow souls along their own journey by providing them with essential tools for spiritual living in pure, authentic love.

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