Empowered Transitions

How To Rise Above Your Circumstances

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Who are you not to be all you are meant to be?

What if instead of doubting ourselves, we asked this one question: who am I not to be all I am meant to be? Change often comes when we least expect it. But it always arrives exactly when we need it most. Our soul seeks growth at such inopportune times that we wonder how we will ever get through a transition. But that is the exact path our soul seeks: growth, exploration and authentic expression.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Before we can rise to meet our soul's potential, we have to acknowledge our current circumstances and admit that we desire change. Change is uncomfortable; our Ego ultimately resists whatever takes us out of this “safety zone.” The safety zone might be comfortable, but it can also prevent us from moving forward to greater feelings of joy, satisfaction, purpose, love and peace.

That is what Empowered Transitions is: a roadmap through change. This can look like a career change, a health struggle, a relationship dissolution or repair, or even a transition from lackluster sluggishness to vitality.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

-Jack Canfield

When we are meant to do something in life, the universe will conspire to make it happen, but only if we rise above fear. Opening up to love puts us in the flow of universal support and abundance. This is where the magic happens. Everything else is resistance to our destiny—defined by fear, comfort and safety. Miracles cannot rise out of resistance. They are born when we sidestep fear and follow our true heart’s desire.

This course provides the tools for our inner spirit, inner badass and inherent power to rise and meet our potential. Each section will build on the last to ignite the very resilience that fuels us toward our heart's desires and destiny.

While the tools are essential in overcoming fear and embracing chance, it is important to note that the blessing is in the journey. Each situation that life presents to us is teaching us a lesson of some kind; the challenge is to acknowledge this blessing and overcome the fears, patterns or behaviors that lead us down the destructive path that prevent us from our empowered potential.

The hardest concept to swallow is often the freak accidents, tragic losses or incomprehensible challenges that come our way. This is when the deepest digging is required to unearth the blessing in utterly dark times. It is when we face the toughest times in our lives that the potential for the most light is available.

Our life purpose is to evolve and reconnect to the God essence within each of us. When we understand that we are being forced to grow in order to end suffering and struggle, we experience a shift that will guide us through any transition.

I am honored to share the tools that turn our darkest times to empowered transitions. We each have a purpose, we are gifted with a pure heart and we have wings to fly. We can stay stuck in our cocoon forever or we can learn what it’s like to fly.

In this course, we cover the essential tools of transformation during transition:

  1. Gratitude: Discover how gratitude shifts our life in a direction where miracles begin to sprout.
  2. Resilience: Embrace the spirit of resilience to rise beyond circumstances during the most challenging periods of our life.
  3. Mind the Mind: Find out how living in the present moment is the true key to surviving any challenge. Learn a mindfulness-based practice that provides peace amidst chaos.
  4. Self-Care: Discover the key to putting our own selves first in a way that allows us to show up for our life (and everyone in it) in an empowering manner. This includes owning our power assertively and authentically expressing our truth.
  5. Seeds of Intention: Find out how intentions shape our lives in the direction we are meant to take and learn how to create an intentional life and practice that supports our deepest desires, wishes and goals.
  6. Surrender: Learn how our inner resistance is blocking our ability to surrender into the Divine flow of life by keeping our attention away from what is in front of us. We will deepen our intentions by surrendering to the power of love while working to diminish fear.

Each lesson includes exercises, reflections or challenges to put our newfound awareness and understanding into practice. I also share some of the best resources available to support our learning.

We will leave class feeling empowered and capable of rising above our circumstances to create a life we love. Our transition will be the catalyst to our transformation. When we live for the now and honor the path of our soul, we inevitably uncover our inner truth: where joy, ease, freedom and fulfillment live.

In her own life, Karilyn has met failure, sickness and loss with such incredible courage and hope. She has transformed and healed her life and, true to her caring nature, wishes to empower others to do the same. I’m so proud of Karilyn; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and support on the road to personal growth, healing and positive change. She’s an example of what we can rise to, given the right head- and heartspace.

-Liz Rogers, Friend and Professional Copywriter

Your Instructor

Karilyn Owens
Karilyn Owens

Karilyn is an Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Guide with a passion for guiding others to find their inherent power. She intends to bring people back to their true selves, so they can bust through fear and find freedom and fulfillment. Her intention is based on the belief that we each inherently hold the essence of God within, known as our Higher Self. From this source of love and wisdom, we gain access to unlimited power, peace and purpose.

She gathers wisdom from contemplative studies of Christianity, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Judaism, Yoga, Energy Medicine, Mindfulness and Meditation. Through these intimate studies, deep exploration of self and difficult life experiences, her heart has reached a level of openness and consciousness that motivated her to teach meaningful tools for spiritual living.

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When we get the call, it is our Divine duty to answer it. We are given one life, one chance to make a difference in the world. We must first give ourselves the gifts of transition and rise above our circumstances. There is no greater blessing than living the life intended for us; we deserve to experience the feelings the gifts of joy, ease, freedom and fulfillment.

Open your heart, where lies cannot breathe, where your truth resides,
where your journey awaits.

It is my distinct privilege to be your trusted guided during your transition. May this journey be the gift that guides you from frozen fear to empowered existence. You were meant to rise. You are made to shine.

To extend my gratitude, you'll receive the Guide to Living Your Soul's Purpose for free with the purchase Empowered Transitions. This guide will harness the love and light cultivated throughout the course and further unleash your essence. Our essence is the spirit of love and the fullness of light that we inherently possess. This allows our inner truth to shine forth so we may express the totality of our light. When we express and extend our love and light fully, we live our Divine purpose.

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